After 10 months of waiting…..

The postman rang my doorbell with no box in hand. He totally caught me off guard and requested 765fr. I knew why- he held my precious letter stating that I was Swiss!!  Yep it’s offical- I can party like the rest here in town on the 1st of August this year!

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Fan mail from Bern

Today I received some fan mail from Bern. That’s right BFM sent me a letter. To my joy, I’m thinking great some one in BFM actually read my application. To my disappointment, they need my original familienausweis from Bönigen and not the one they gave us after getting married. Oddly enough, we were in Bönigen yesterday for All Saint’s day planting flower’s on my husband’s grandparent’s grave.

Two phone calls later, I get through to the Zivilstandesamt for Interlaken Ost and they said they’d be happy to send it to me (along with a payment slip) Geesh nothing in Switzerland is free!

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I have mail!

A month and 2 days later, I received in the mail box a letter from Bundesamt für Migration in Bern that they received my application!

So I guess it’s back to waiting…..

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As painless as ripping a band-aid off

Is the way I could describe my visit to the gemeinde this afternoon. Got in and the 1st needed document- Wohnsitzbestätigung- was a meer painless 15fr for the print out with a stamp.

Next stop was across the hall to the Zivilstandesamt to make sure that I really needed to send my origonal family book and not just a copy. Cost me nothing  since the origonal is needed. Supposively when it’s all done they will send me a newly updated family book.

Then off to the post office for a photocopy of my Aufenhaltsbewilligung (20 rappen). Everything went into an envelope and poof! Off it went to Bern.

Now it’s just waiting, waiting and more waiting.

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Hello World!

This is my documentation of the whole process of becoming Swiss. I suppose I should start off with a little background.

I moved to Switzerland in August 2000 from New Jersey to study German. In May 2008, a month before my second son was born, I married my husband in a little civil ceremony.

Fast forward 3 years later, I now qualify for the facilitated naturalization. I fulfill the 5 years residency and 3 years married to a Swiss requirement. I’ve been dragging my feet getting the process started. From the numerous stories I have heard- the process can last 6 months up to 2 years from start to finish (depending on the canton).

Today I received the application “Gesuch um erleichtere Einbürgerung” in the post. Now the real fun begins! I already filled out the application (took about a half hour). Now I’m off this afternoon to visit the local Gemeinde for documents galore and hoping I have enough francs in my wallet. Those that may be reading and wondering, I’ll keep a tally of all the costs that I ensue through the whole process.


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